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Danielle Ramirez
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The advantages are CLEAR

Know what your portfolio and assets are worth right now. We provide up-to-date evaluations at a fraction of the cost of traditional appraisals—keeping you on top of changing markets and saving you money.

Our CLEAR online order and delivery system provides fast, accurate results in a variety of formats:

Enhanced Indexed Value Report (EIVR)—This report utilizes three comparable sales within the subject property’s market area—An arithmetic mean of price per foot of those sales to the building area of the subject property is applied to provide an indication of market value.

Commercial Evaluation Report (CER)—Includes a site inspection, photos of the improvements, and comments on the neighborhood and condition of the property. Our analysts select the most similar current sales and compare them to the property. With this information they use qualitative analysis of the Sales Comparison Approach to form an opinion of market value. NOTE: The Platinum version of the CER also includes photographs of the comparable properties used in the analysis.

Commercial Property Site Inspection (CPSI)—Provides three photos of the property, including a street scene. Assesses the condition of the exterior improvements, noting any obvious items of deferred maintenance and general comments on location and neighborhood. Interior inspections are also available.

Gold Reports—A Gold version of the EIVR report is available and will contain a site inspection and an adjustment to value based on the condition of the property.

Interior inspections are available for an additional fee.

Our analyses, opinions, and conclusions were developed, and our CER and PCER reports prepared, by following the federal Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines dated December 2, 2010.

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