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First American Natural Hazard Disclosures (FANHD) provides property hazard disclosure products and services featuring the industry’s highest level of knowledge, understanding and protection. No other disclosure company delivers this kind of accuracy and confidence.

Property Hazard Disclosures

In California and the American Southwest, rapid real estate development and the risk of natural hazards often collide. States increasingly mandate the disclosure of regulatory hazard zones, aircraft noise, crime databases, and other community concerns when selling a property. FANHD's Property Hazard Disclosure Report, which includes the mandated Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement, meets these disclosure requirements.

Assessed Tax Liability

A hidden bond assessment, a surprise bill for supplemental property taxes, fees for an undisclosed landscape and lighting district -- these can mean nightmares for new buyers, headaches for agents, and lawsuits for sellers. FANHD's Tax Disclosure Report, where available, fully discloses the taxes, bonds, levies, and assessments that affect a property.

Contamination Screening

Environmental hazards, such as contamination from leaking underground tanks and above-ground spills, exist in virtually all U.S. cities and counties. FANHD offers environmental screening reports that identify hazards of environmental contamination, both existing and potential, on or near a property. These products are geared for real estate clients in the residential resale, commercial resale, builder/developer, and consultant markets.

Environmental Assessment and Cleanup Partners

We partner with certified experts in environmental assessment and cleanup within the First American Family of Companies. Should our environmental screening report indicate potential or known contamination on a prospective property, please ask us about on-site environmental services.

Flood Insurance

Need an insurance quote on short notice to close a deal? We include a free insurance quote from First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company with our reports (available in nearly all areas of California First American P&C is also an authorized agent for flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program. For a flood insurance quote call (866) 620-8850.

Elevation Certificate

In a mandatory flood-insurance zone where the “100-year” flood depth is shallow, many homes are sufficiently elevated to merit a reduced insurance rate from FEMA, or be taken out of this high-hazard flood zone entirely. An elevation certificate from First American can prove the claim, and may be able to dramatically reduce or even eliminate flood insurance costs. To find out more, call (888) 457-7878.

You may also be interested in our solutions for title and escrow that provide another option for ordering your NHD report: StreamLine, ClosingTracker. Also providing Imaging Solutions to save you space and expense.

Also available are our Residential Land Surveys and Flood Elevation Certificates.