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The faster alternative to ALTA/ACSM

ExpressMap® saves you time and money by eliminating the survey questions and client comment phase inherent with standard ALTA/ACSM land title surveys.

And, with ExpressMap®, you don’t incur any costs for revisions requested by the title office. There are no additional charges after the original price quote.

Developed by First American Title Insurance Company, ExpressMap® satisfies title underwriting requirements for the removal of the general survey exception in both lender’s and owner’s title insurance policies.

Created through a proprietary process that combines a current aerial photograph of the subject property described within the title report, along with the exception items shown in Schedule B, ExpressMap® provides the same endorsements as ALTA/ACSM surveys.

The property information, printed in full color and supplied to you, is used by First American Title’s internal underwriting staff to make key underwriting decisions on behalf of First American and its clients.

Each ExpressMap® provides:

  • Current aerial imagery
  • Reduced delivery schedules
  • Dedicated project manager and comprehensive review team
  • Full color map clearly showing the subject property and surrounding environment
  • Special ExpressMap® Zoning report at no additional charge
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Additional information on our ExpressMap® product

Check out a sample of ExpressMap® here.