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Home Warranty and a NHD

FANHD - a natural fit with homebuyer's protection!

If you’re selling a home in California, or are in the process of buying one, don’t forget about your Natural Hazard Disclosure Report!

California consumer protection laws require the seller of real property to notify the buyer about certain environmental hazards that may affect the future use or value of the sale property. These include flood, fire and earthquake hazard zones, as well as certain human-caused threats to health and safety, such as military ordnance sites, agricultural areas, and mining operations.

Satisfy that requirement right here on the First American Natural Hazard Disclosures (FANHD) website. We are California’s oldest provider of residential “NHD” reports, introducing them in 1976.

To order your NHD report right now, click the ORDER NOW link in the upper right corner and pay by credit card. Simply use our “Guest” order form, or create an online account where you can drop in at any time to log in and view your disclosure documents.

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