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ALTA Best Practice 2

Best Practice Pillar #2
Adopt and maintain appropriate written procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounts, allowing for electronic verification of reconciliation.
How  We Can Help:

For over three decades, our TrustLink service has been providing 'best practice' trust accounting service to settlement providers nationwide. We employ an experienced team of reconcilers who can assist you in meeting this best practice with services ranging from 3-way daily electronic bank reconciliations and unclaimed property management to trust account consulting and pre-audit checks.

Look to our team of trust accounting experts to assist you in meeting the Best Practice!

  • Dynamic daily reporting provides deep, actionable insight.
  • Proper handling and management of unclaimed property.
  • Pre-Audit Checks and Consultative Services.
  • Performing DAILY 3-WAY electronic bank reconciliations.
  • A highly experienced staff of reconcilers.

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